Year 1

As the children move from Early Years to Year 1, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible for them. We believe in ensuring there is a clear balance of practical and physical activities that supports pupils in the moving towards a more formal and structured school day. Each day, the children will take part in streamed phonics lessons with other pupils across Key Stage 1.

Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term, pupils will learn that dinosaurs once roamed the earth. They will use a range of vocabulary to compare and describe different dinosaurs. Pupils will learn and recite the story Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs before creating their own interpretation!

In science, pupils will identify and name a variety of animals including omnivores, herbivores and carnivores.

During their dinosaur day, pupils will become paleontologists as they explore a range of fossils.

During the second half of the Autumn Term, pupils will travel back in time to learn about toys of the past in their topic Back to the Future. Pupils will visit the Toy Museum in Brighton where they will take part in a range of workshops. Parents and grandparents will also be invited to share their toys of the past.

In DT, pupils will design and create their own hand puppets.

In preparing for Christmas, pupils consider Christmas around the world and support the Romanian Shoe Box Appeal by donating their own toys and belongings to help others.

To conclude the term, pupils will rehearse and perform a nativity with Year 2.

Spring Term

The Spring Term begins by pupils discovering some strange footprints! After receiving several clues pupils will find a range of eggs that belong to the Snow Dragon.








From discovering the eggs, pupils will consider the different ways that they can look after them to prepare for their hatching. Pupils will consider how the Snow Dragon’s habitat is different to their own as they learn about the North and South Poles.

In computing, pupils will program Bee Bots to complete a set route to the Arctic.

During the second half of the term, pupils will learn about different materials and their suitability. Pupils will learn about the historical event of the Great Fire of London.







Pupils will deepen their understanding of different houses and materials by visiting Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

Summer Term

The Summer Term begins with the topic ‘Stormy Seas.’ Pupils will learn about Grace Darling. In addition to this, pupils will develop their geographical skills by naming and locating different seaside towns around the United Kingdom. Through their visit to Littlehampton Harbour pupils will identify a range of physical features: harbour, shops, lighthouse and town.

The Summer Term, also sees pupils take the Phonics Screening Test.

By visiting the learning tab on the school’s website you will be able to find videos for further information.

To conclude the term, pupils will learn about the continent of Africa through their topic Out of Africa.

Pupils will respond to the texts Meerkat Mail and Handa’s Surprise.

In science, pupils will identify the basic structure of common plants and trees.