Welcome to Year 1

During this autumn term we will be learning about dinosaurs through our topic ‘Roar!’ Our topic started with a giant dinosaur egg arriving in the classroom and as the topic moves forward we are hoping that the egg will hatch.

In literacy we will be creating fact files about the different types of dinosaurs using non fiction books to help us, creating our own dinosaurs and writing stories about them and writing instructions about how to look after a dinosaur. We even have a visit planned for a life like T rex to visit the children.

In maths we will be doing lots of counting and ordering numbers to 100. We will also be adding and taking away as well as lots of comparing the size and weights of different toy dinosaurs.

We also plan to create our own dinosaurs using a computer, making dinosaur fossils out of salt dough and a skeleton from art straws, In science we will be comparing and sorting dinosaurs into different categories and comparing them to other animals. We will also sing dinosaur songs and even create our very own dinosaur dance!

After half term we begin our topic ‘Back to the Future’ where we will be looking at Toys old and new and visiting the Toy museum in Brighton.